La déclaration du G20YEA sur les attaques à Berlin et autres formes de violence en 2016

CitizenEntrepreneurs soutient Berlin

Les jeunes entrepreneurs du monde entier expriment leur chagrin.

En réponse à l’attaque de Berlin, le groupe du G20YEA demande de réagir à la violence récente par des mesures visant à un monde plus mobile, plus libre et plus compatissant (à lire dans le communiqué ci-dessous)


Berlin, Germany (December 23, 2016).  The organization representing the world’s young entrepreneurs today expressed its condolences for the victims of the recent terrorist attack in Berlin and called for G20 countries to combat violence with a renewed commitment to mobility, growth, and job creation.

“Our global network stands in solidarity with the people of Germany and with those in other societies that have been the victims of terror and violence in 2016,” said Xia Bing, President of the G20 YEA Steering Committee and head of China’s NovoNation Youth Community.  “This has been a troubling year for those who believe in connecting societies through trade, investment and personal relationships.  We would urge G20 governments to face such violence with a renewed commitment to collaborate and find ways to bring people together.”

The attack struck close to home for the group, whose member organizations represent more than 500,000 young entrepreneurs across the G20.  The Alliance is in the process of planning its seventh annual G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Summit that will be hosted by JCI Germany in Berlin in June 2017.

“We have received messages of support from entrepreneurs around the world,” said Carsten Lexa, President of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Deutschland.  “They share our concern that, in the face of the violence we have seen in 2016, global governments will begin to build walls to keep people apart, rather than bridges to bring them together.  Given that the world’s young people need growth and connection, this would be counterproductive.”

Most of the world’s economies are facing slowing growth rates and rising levels of unemployment.  Young people are particularly affected in this regard.  An estimated 70 million young people around the world are currently without a job and youth unemployment rates in some parts of the G20 top 60%.  The G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance was formed to be the voice of the world’s young entrepreneurs and to bring their ideas for job creation and inclusive growth to all G20 governments.

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