Discover the French delegation of the G20 YEA 2019 in Fukuoka



(G20YEA – Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance)


Citizen Entrepreneurs is pleased to present the 36 entrepreneurs who will represent France at the Young Entrepreneurs Summit in Fukuoka on May 16 and 17 on the theme “Imagination Economy for Sustainable Future”.


These young leaders of French Start-ups, SMEs and ETIs will join 600 young entrepreneurs from G20 countries in Japan. Together, they will develop recommendations for growth, jobs and innovation for a sustainable society to be presented to the G20 Heads of State.


This French delegation – average age 39 – represents the French entrepreneurial ecosystem in its diversity (28% female entrepreneurs), geographical distribution (31% from the territories), sectors of activity and global vision (86% have international activities). These young entrepreneurs stand out for the amount of their turnover and the number of jobs created (average turnover of €20 million, for an average of 110 jobs per company)


Shirley Billot, CEO of Kadalys, the first natural cosmetics brand whose skin care products are based on Martinican bananas.
Shirley is the winner of the Overseas Innovation Award for Overseas Innovation Network, a partner of Citizen Entrepreneurs.

Arnaud Brillaud and Maximilien Petitgenet, co-founders of Domalys, a major player in innovation in the Silver Economy, which designs and manufactures equipment that improves the daily lives of dependent people.

Vincent Bruneau, founder and CEO of SparkUP, a SaaS platform to stimulate exchanges and collaboration on all meetings. 

Nicolas Cargou, General Manager of Samboat, a website for private boat rental. The community platform connects boat owners and tenants.

Romain Carrère, CEO of EasyCartouche, specialized in the online sale of remanufactured ink cartridges: a more economical and ecological solution.

Hugues Cazenave, founding president of OpinionWay, a French political and marketing research company.

Anne Chauder, President of Dômes Pharma, a pharmaceutical group that has existed for more than 70 years and was one of the pioneers of veterinary medicine in France.

Franck Coppola and Pierre Alexandre Entraygues, co-founders of Hexaglobe, a provider of software and IT services for the audiovisual sector and to support its customers in their television, internet, mobile and social network projects.

Cyril Dané, Owner of AIO, has been working for more than 10 years to make human work easier in automotive assembly plants through environmental and frugal robotics.

Paul De la Gueriviere, CEO of Ideol, equipment manufacturer and builder of floating foundations for offshore wind energy. Ideol has established itself as one of the world leaders in floating wind energy.

Beatrice Eastham, founder of Green Evénements, an expert consulting firm in sustainable solutions for the event sector.

Pauline Eveno, founder of Syos, a company that markets tailor-made saxophone mouthpieces and whose objective is to put scientific knowledge and new technologies at the service of musicians.

Pauline is the winner of the Entrepreneur of the Future Award from the Office franco-québécois pour la jeunesse (OFQJ), a partner of Citizen Entrepreneurs.

Sébastien François, founder of INDUO, a smart textile company whose first innovation is a 100% cotton shirt fabric that stays clean, fresh and comfortable in all circumstances.

Charlotte Gaillard, founder of Mégara, an online company selling baby & mom products via the e-commerce site.

Nathalie Hutter-Lardeau, CEO and founder of Atlantic Santé, a communication agency specializing in nutrition, health, food safety and the environment.

Karim Jouini and Jihed Othmani co-founders of Expensya, a cross-platform, cloud-based expense reporting software that enables professionals to effectively manage claims.

Thibault Lamarque, founder of Castalie, a sustainable alternative to bottled water from tap water, which is micro-filtered on the consumption site using Castalie machines.

Momar Mbaye, founder and CEO of the Senef Group, publisher of innovative and flexible IT solutions for web management in SaaS mode, and mobile applications for silver economy companies, facilities management and hotels & residences.

Ahmed Mhiri, co-founder of TravelCar, a French car-sharing platform for travellers, launched in 2012. It offers travellers who leave their vehicles at an airport to rent them during their absence.

Xavier Morcillo, founder and CEO of Amexio, a company specialized in document dematerialization and content management projects: the leading integrator in France.

Philippe Mouillard, President and Founder of Biotopia, an innovative company dedicated to the organic market that supports companies with a complete range of services: media (Bio à la Une), product scoring, consumer panel, database and mobile applications.

Ismael Ould, President and Founder of Wynd, a fast-growing start-up that develops SaaS solutions, in the form of a modular SaaS multi-channel platform, to digitize points of sale and adapt physical stores to the digital age.

Beena Paradin Migotto, fondatrice de Beendhi, vente de produits gourmands et bons pour la santé, commercialisés via des filières courtes de qualité tout en préservant les ressources naturelles et avec un modèle rémunérateur pour les producteurs.

Beena Paradin Migotto, founder of Beendhi, sells gourmet and healthy products, marketed through short quality chains while preserving natural resources and with a profitable model for producers. https://sensiolabs.com

Areeba Rehman, Usman Javedand Umar Rehman, co-founders of Fretbayand MyBoxMan, the first European web platform helping more than 8000 professional moving companies to optimise their journeys.

Philippe Rivière, CEO Weare International of WeareGroup, an industrial group, born from the integration of 5 French industrial SMEs and specialized in the production of retail parts for the aerospace, automotive, medical and defense industries.

Grégoire Sentilhes, President of NextStage AM, pioneers and leaders in growth capital in France, which invests in a limited number of innovative growth companies in France and the EU, providing entrepreneurial investment expertise and international and operational experience.

David Vauthrin, co-founder of Finalcad, mobile software on tablets and smartphones for construction companies.

Demba Yatera, CEO and Albert Mendy, of Euro Sureté Protection, a private security company specialising in event security, video surveillance, close protection, security guards and fire safety.


    Accompanying members of the delegation

  • Jean-Louis GREGOIRE, International Director, Citizen Entrepreneurs
  • Valentin LAIGRE, Project Manager, Citizen Entrepreneurs
  • Arnaud MANCERON, Head of Major Partnerships, BNP Paribas
  • Jean-François ROYER, Partner, EY