G20 YEA 2015 – Istanbul, Turkey

The G20 YEA 2015 Summit took place from 7 to 9 September in Istanbul on the theme:


This summit collaborated with the B20 working groups, which are concentrated in SMEs, entrepreneurship, employment and trade.

Two topics were discussed at the Summit:

  • The need for an entrepreneurial culture to address the challenges faced by G20 countries, such as low growth in most countries and the time bomb of the unemployment rate for 15-25 year olds (which ranges from 5% to 50%)
  • The consequences of the digital boom on the economy, innovation, the way companies operate and the need for large companies and start-ups to work more closely together



High quality work has been developed by our partners Accenture and Ernst&young:

They made proposals based on the contractors’ thinking on the EY and Accenture works. They were subsequently delivered to the French government.

Proposition # 1

Proposition # 2

Proposition # 3

Proposition # 4

Proposition # 5

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